We greatly appriciate your interest for booking your reservation at our Lodge. We are currently in process of changing our reservation system and signage from our old name "Dutchman Motorlodge" to our new image "Silver Palm Lodge". In Order to check availability for reservation or any related information, Please call us at (561) 588-7331
or contact us via E-Mail:info@silverpalmlodge.com

Thank You! for your inquiry. We look forward to accommodate your stay with optimized service.


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  • Melissa Torres

    For a small privately owned motel it was great. Great service clean and renovated.

  • Junior Perkins

    Had a great stay, staff is great, room was clean. Would recommend

  • 24alecool

    So when I went there I thought it was great. It was very clean and very convenient and cheap. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY LOVED ITTTTT!!!! I would come again every single chance I can. I really loved their customer service I felt like I was blessed to have this chance to meet them.

  • Noe Ardon

    This is fantastic motel, it had everything an american would ever want. And the staff is highly cultural its fantastic, they take very good care of their rooms, everything is tidy and well placed.

  • Martin Kelson

    Friendly staff, clean and decent rooms.